Pinewood Lido (Lido Pineta)

Welcome to Pinewood Lido (Lido Pineta)

About Us

LIDO PINETA is set on the magnificent sandy coastline of the "Ugento Coastal Park" and has been able to conjoin good management with safeguarding the surrounding habitats, policies that have uncovered unequalled wonders and an unforgettable atmosphere. In order to get to us, you cross the humid zones, which constitute the most characteristic coastal landscape of Ugento, with nature trails where dense thickets intersect smoothly with areas of Mediterranean scrubland. LIDO PINETA welcomes its guests in the shade of an ancient pinewood. From here paths lead out through an intricate and unspoiled undergrowth of resin-scented flowers, comprising a unique and still intact environment that is rich in fauna. Other pathways lead to the dunes further inland, characterised by fragrant rosemary, thorny broom and prickly juniper, among which one can find the rare dune lily. The Ionian Sea spreads itself out to the horizon: a sea of crystal-clean waters, emerald blue in colour, giving the feel of a tropical landscape, but it is a sea steeped in history, as is the entire area of Ugento. We are grateful to this land for the many wonders it has given us, and we protect it with the love of those who have their origins here.

We thank all of our guests that have come to know this land, to appreciate it and to respect it...

Our services

The beach

Our beach is equipped with exclusive areas in which to relax. Our customers can also use the free beach, which we clean and tend each day.

Cafeteria and refreshments

The self-service restaurant offers meals created using top-quality produce selected for you and in the well-stocked bar cafeteria, you can find snacks, aperitifs, ices and cocktails at any time of the day.

Entertainment and Events

Throughout the week there are various water aerobics sessions, mini-clubs and entertainments. We also look after the organisation of evening events such as birthday parties, hen and stag evenings and graduation parties.