Bed&Breakfast Le Sei Conche

The residence LE SEI CONCHE (The Six Hollows)

The residence LE SEI CONCHE (The Six Hollows) is located in the historic centre of Gemini, a hamlet of Ugento in the Province of Lecce, which has grown around the crossroads of two ancient roads. One road leads to the municipal capital of Ugento and runs along an axis of Roman origin; the other leads from the hinterland to the Ionian coast.
The residence is one of the few buildings in the village that has not been altered since its construction. From the various inscriptions and plaques inscribed in the stones of the walls of the complex, it can be seen that they date from the period around 1880. Earlier in date are the old stable and barn inside the residence, constructed at the beginning of the 19th century. The basement area was also dedicated to agricultural activities and food storage. Entirely excavated into the volcanic tuff rock, along one of its walls are six hollows within which food stores, contained in amphorae, were arranged. These 'capase' or terracotta amphorae were one of the most decorative expressions of Salento culture. It was this distinctive architectural feature that gave rise to the name of the dwelling place: 'The Six Hollows'.
And it was the historic, architectural and cultural significance of this historic purpose-built dwelling place that persuaded us to restore it with every modern comfort, while remaining in keeping with the principles of conservation and preservation of the historic environment and of the original Salento culture.